Bicycle Portable Chain Cleaner
Bicycle Portable Chain Cleaner

Bicycle Portable Chain Cleaner

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Enhance the Performance of Your Bike!

  • Bicycle Portable Chain Cleaner care for your bike chains. Cleaning your bicycle chains is no longer a messy hassle.
  • You simply clamp the unit on your bike chain and spin the cranks. Our tool makes it easy to clean under a minute!
  • Turning the pedal runs the chain through multiple rotating brushes through the portable chain cleaner in order to knock off grime and cut through any buildup.


  • Chain Cleaner clips directly to the chain without removing the chain from the bicycle and use the chain brush cleaner to wash chain quickly and easily.
  • Simply fill the chamber with your choice of cleaner and turn the pedal to run the chain through the cleaner.

  • The bike chain cleaning tool set including chain scrubber and chain brush, Works with all types of bikes- if it has a chain, all could get a deep cleaning.
  • For free wheel designs, simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain.
  • For bikes with coaster brakes, the bicycle must be elevated or flipped over in order to work

  • The chain cleaner helps prevent premature wear of your drive-train and helps maintain smooth operation when riding the motorcycle and bike.
  • The bike chain gear cleaner could pick out the dirt inside the bike wheels and then use the chain brush to deep clean the dirt at every corner of the bike chains. 

  • The bike chain scrubber and chain brush cleaner are made from heavy duty plastic to ensure a lifetime of superior performance.
  • Usually riders could repeatedly use this bike chain tool set for bike maintenance.

  • 1 Chain Scrubber 
  • 1 Chain Brush 
  • 1 Chain Gear Cleaner 
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