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Ever had trouble placing your phone or tablet in your working space?

We face many issues while attempting to leave electronic devices in a steady place while we use them or simply because we don't need them in our workspace at the moment or because we want to access the info but the device is heavy and uncomfortable to hold.

This universal Desktop & Wall Pull-up Lazy Bracket is the perfect solution to this problem.


The installation process is quite simple and you can place any electronic device in it. You can install this bracket on a wall or even on a ceiling of a desktop. Once this product is installed you can easily place an electronic device on it thanks to its strong adjustable arms.

Wall Mounting Installation


Tear 3M Sticker and fix it under cabinet or on wall and stick the Lazy Bracket Wall mounting piece.     


Install and mount the Wall mounting piece using screws


Made out of the best quality materials to ensure your device is held steady.

The bracket is compatible with all phone sizes (4.8 - 7.5 Inches Width) and also with tablets up to 26 cm wide, it also has a 360-degree rotating feature that comes in handy in your everyday tasks but especially for gaming.


Material Specification:

Material:                       Aluminum alloy, ABS

Net Weight:                  550 grams

Package Contents:   

1 Desktop Wall Pull-Up Lazy Bracket

1 Wall Mounting Piece

1 Allen “L” Hex Key

1 Screw Set

1 3M Sticker for Wall Mounting Piece


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Specially designed for most  5-10.5 inch width tablets.
Sturdy and well constructed, no issues with it losing grip or slipping at all.  
360 degree adjustable, you can watch movies or play games at any angle you like.  
Effective to entertain your family members (especially children) 
Easily and quickly fits to the Bedroom, Kitchen, Office, Bathroom

Package Included:
(1) Universal standx1  
(2) Adjustable tablet holderx1  
(3) Mounting basesX1  
(4) Sets of mounting hardware
Packaging Details:

Material: aluminum alloy + ABS  
Product packaging: size 23.5*8*9cm.